Virtual sex education – orgasm tips for women

Many women have hard time reaching orgasm with a sex partner unless she uses sex toys. This video gives women tips how to reach a climax.

VR porn companies now make virtual reality porn video that educate both men and women about sex. As virtual reality technology improves, the education opportunities with VR keep going up.  There’s been a lot companies looking into the educational potential of vr videos and porn industry is no different. Only most porn companies only focus on making 3d vr porn videos.

Fortunately  one VR porn studio is looking to make a difference by actually making porn videos that serve as educational and virtual training for sex. Regular porn videos do not offer any type of sex education and even average 3D porn videos do not do that. Only specially made VR porn videos offer the sex education that many women like to have.

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CEO of BadoinkVR say that the  inspiration for Virtual Sexology came from a mainstream VR startup company that specializes in making virtual reality therapy videos for people suffering from different phobias.  Virtual Sexology VR porn video makes you learn how to use your body as a lover and learn how to reach sexual orgasm climax. Cassidy Banks VR porn is really great too.

The techniques used in this virtual reality video gives you valuable techniques better lovemaking skills and how to use your body. With 40 minutes of virtual sex education, this vr sex video is focused on teaching women how to understand and pleasure herself and the lover at the same time. Being a good lover is important in any relationship as the sexual satisfaction is really important for both parties.

Dr. Hernando Chaves, the sex therapist who helped in making this video, said that this video was made to help women learn how to reach orgasm and pleasure themselves along with the partner.

We look forward to seeing more sex education videos from BadoinkVR as no other company is taking any initiative to help the mainstream public about the secrets of sex.

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